Tue Jun 4, 2013

Tue Jun 4, 2013

7am, Training (Upper 1)

Group A – 4 sets @ 90sec rest

  1. 8 x weighted pullups
  2. 8 x weighted pushups (Used a plate and rolled it onto my back. It was a bit awkward!)

Group B – 2 sets @ 60sec rest

  1. 20 x pendlay row
  2. 20 x spidey crawl
  3. 15 x dips

BCAA with squeezed lime was taken during training.

9:30am, Smoothie

  1. 1 refrigerated banana
  2. 2 fists of leafy greens (kale, silverbeet leaves, celery leaves)
  3. 2 scoops pea protein isolate (yuck)
  4. Organic spirulina
  5. Coconut shreds
  6. LSA

12:30pm, Food

  1. 1 palm sized portion of patty (chickpeas, quinoa, capsicum, almond meal, paprika, basil, egg)
  2. 1 palm sized portion of salmon
  3. 0.5 avocado
  4. 1.25 large celery stalks
  5. 0.5 capsicum
  6. 1 fist of roast pumpkin
  7. Fish oil
  8. 2 probiotics

The patty was actually really yum! It was based off of the roasted red pepper quinoa + white bean burgers by How Sweet It Is. I felt really good after this meal. Reduced the portion (particularly of protein and carbs) back to what Lean Eating recommends.

6:30pm, Food

Date night :] Went to the casino and had a buffet. I had 2 plates (so went over my portions, but stopped at 90%) of:

  1. Chicken wings
  2. Mixed salad
  3. Eggs
  4. Steamed vegetables
  5. 0.5 small potato
  6. Small cob corn
  7. 0.5 crumbed beef (wanted to try it, was greesy and not that great)

Gut was a little churny after, but not too bad. Think it was the sauces on the chicken wings and the crumbed beef. Farts were disgusting though.

I'm Leighton. A web-developer from 9-5 and a lover of health, eating real food, and moving how you love. I'm passonate about health, fitness, and the journey involved. If you want to improve your health, fitness, and strength, or just simply need someone to keep you accountable, send me a message.


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